Shipping Procedures

Quality Check

Our quality control officer has the most important job of all - to make sure every machine we ship is in pristine condition and perfect working order. Once machines have been tested, cleaned and are ready to go, he oversees every step of the fulfillment and shipping process.


Prompt Fulfillment

Our warehouse associates are always on call and ready to pull orders as they come in. Most of the time, we can have your printer pulled, packed and shipped within 24 hours. If it’s a product that we don’t have in our inventory at our Alsip office, we’ll contact you immediately to give you an updated ETA. Depending on your location, you can still expect to have your machine within 3-4 business days.


    Concrete Packaging

    Many companies in our industry use packing peanuts for their shipping needs. This leaves machines vulnerable to damage because peanuts simply do not secure printers tight enough or provide enough padding. That’s why we use injection foam - a method that fully encases each machine thoroughly. Once packed, our printers cannot move or be punctured, greatly reducing the risk of them getting damaged.


    Addressing Issues

    You can rest easy if your printer arrives damaged.

    Even when we do everything right, sometimes printers do arrive damaged. If that happens, you can call us immediately and we’ll have another printer sent out that day, on us.

    Schedule On-site Repair

    Feel free to call our friendly staff at (630) 654-0002 or use our online form to schedule your on-site repair in Chicago

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