You don't have the printer or toner I was looking for on your site. Does that mean you don't sell it?

No. We can only list so many products on our site and our inventory is constantly changing. If you're looking for something specific and you can't find it, please call us. In more cases than not, we'll have what you need. 

Why can't I buy printers directly from the site? 

We want to ensure that you are getting the right printer for your needs. Often times, customers purchase a machine that is either inadequate or has too many bells and whistles. If you call us and tell us exactly what you need, we can find you the best printer for the best price. 

I found a better price on the same product. Will you match it?

Yes. Please call or email us ([email protected].) with the product information. If it's comparable, we'll match the price. 

I'm outside your service area. Can you still help me?

We want to be able to service as many customers as we can. Even if your outside our service area, we may be able to still send a technician. Call or email us and we'll do everything we can to find a solution - even if that means troubleshooting over the phone. 

I prefer sending emails. Can I contact you that way?

Yes. Our lead customer service representative, Emily Brown, can be reached at [email protected].

I have general printer questions. Can I call you for help?

You can definitely call us for help with any printer questions you may have. Afterall, we are the printer experts. 

On that note, we are excited to bring you an array of Troubleshooting Blogs that will help with all of your printer issues - from avoiding paper jams to choosing the correct printer for your office. We'll even dispel some of the biggest printer myths in the industry: "Are refurbished machines just as good as new ones?" Check back soon to find out!